"Collector" Chris
My Work at the Store
Hello. For those of you who have always said "I would LOVE to work at a Video game Store", let me tell ya, it's not always "Fun and Games". There is a lot of work and frustration involved with this line of work. I have my good days, and my bad days just like any other job out there, and there is very little time to play around. Let me show you my main duties at Wii Play Games in Las Vegas.
Most of my Day is spent going through and organizing all of our Trade-Ins and our New Products we get in. Wii Play Games Buys things every single day, and we rarely turn down anything. So, there is always something that has to be worked on.
To stay competitive, we have to check prices and sales everyday. Price Charting is a good tool, but not the absolute staple. We use it merely as a base to determine the best price to sell our games. Other factors like condition, inserts and past sales of the game reflect our final price. It's a tedious process sometimes, but it helps deliver the best prices in town!
The comes the organization and seperation of games we take in. From CD's to Cartridges, (Even loose Discs), we have to make sure thinks don't get lost in the massive shuffle of the day to day work. Sometimes, a game can slip through the cracks no matter how careful you are, so it's important not to get discouraged. We want to keep mistakes down to the bare minimum, ans stressing out can lead to more blunders. Just take your time and make sure everything is done to the best of your ability. It can get overwhelming, but also rewarding when you finally make those big sales!
We also constantly order new products from our distributors. Things like controllers, power supplies and even AV cables can all sell out if you are not keeping up with stock. You have to keep track of your stock daily and remember to order what you need so you don't run into a problem. Keeping up with this eats a good portion of the day, and can get expensive if you are not careful!
Besides helping customers, organizing piles of games, and keeping track of stock. You also have to make sure the store floor is neat and tidy. Customers don't want to shop in a place that isn't kept up, so it's important to maintain a level of organization that is comfortable for them. Yes, with an inventory as large as ours, this can be a tedious and un-rewarding job, but your customers will thank you for it!
Not all fun and games is an understatement. That doesn't mean we don't have fun working here. There are many opportunities to just chill out and have fun with the customers and our co-workers, you just have to have the right balance. I absolutely love what I do despite some of the hardships we may face and the tedious work that has to be done daily. But I do all that I do for my Customers! They are my reason for continuing. If you are ever in the Las Vegas Area and want to check us out, stop by and come see me! You'll see that we really do love what we do!