"Collector" Chris
My Personal Collection
Here is a small sampling of my personal Gaming Collection. I'm always adding and always organizing. I always post more collection pics on my Facebook and my Twitter accounts!
This is a 60 in 1 Bartop Arcade Machine. It plays real arcade games with new buttons and a cool joystick installed. I had the screen replaced about a year ago, so its clear and crisp. I've always wanted an arcade type machine in my home and with this, I now have 60! I absolutely love playing Donkey Kong on this!!!
I own many consoles... over 40 in fact. not all of them are pictured here, as some of them have been moved to storage. Been collecting real hardware since the beginning, as emulation will never compare to the real deal!
Random shots of my physical game collection. It's probably grown since I've taken these photos. (Not Pictured -- all of my physical carts from Atari to Nintendo)
This thing is neat! It's called a Pandora's Box 5. You've probably seen a knock off of this fella on Facebook or on eBay. Some people out there sell cheap versions of this but but an "S" in the title so it becomes a "5s" or a "6s" ... those are fake and don't run half of the games included. This one is the real deal and all 886 games run super well!!! It plays many Games from the Arcade including Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike!!!
Yeah .. I have some of these Mini Consoles that the kids are into today. I rarely use them but like the look of some of them. I do use them for the convience of playing some older games in HD. My favorite is the Super Retrocade, as it plays more games than the ones that are built in, and you don't have to hack it to do it! These are cool, I guess.